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The idiom ‘The devil is in the details,’ is perhaps never truer than when applied to a person’s wedding preparations, with a common concern from brides in the lead up to the big day being that their wedding won’t feel ‘special’ or ‘memorable’.
At Bubbly Events we pride ourselves on combining the functionality of the wedding decorations with an over-arching visual thematic narrative that counterpoints the event’s unique styling with a rich tapestry of personalised detail that enthuses guests with a sense of joie de vivre that stays with them long after the bride and the groom have said ‘I do’.

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If the stars align, and the wind is at your back, your wedding day is going to be a once in a lifetime event. And as such the importance of your wedding leaving a lasting impression on all those lucky enough to attend it, cannot be overstated. Indeed, a recent survey in a well know bridal magazine revealed that how memorable the wedding ceremony and reception was, came in second in the hierarchy of ‘Most Important Aspects of a Successful Wedding’ (with only how beautiful the wedding dress was / the bride looked, ranking above it!).

Wedding Decoration Ideas

The amount of unique wedding decorations available from Bubbly Events is as endless as a bride or groom’s imagination. So if you’re looking for that something special to make your wedding stand out, then you’ve come to the right place. Because no matter what it is you need, we can piece it together for you and help turn your dream into a reality. It’s just one of many reasons why Bubbly Events is Sydney’s most beloved wed.ding decorations company.

A great starting point when thinking about what wedding decorations you need or want is to browse our extensive Galleries or ask us for a comprehensive price list. However if you’re one of those people who has an idea of what they are after email us through some pictures and we can go from there.

Garden Wedding Ideas

There are many styles and thematic elements that make a wedding unique. The first of course being where the actual wedding is being held. While many people still opt for the traditional Church Wedding with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it, more and more people in the 21st century wish to exchange their vows in a more relaxed and less austere atmostphere. And that’s where the Outdoor Wedding or Garden Wedding setting comes into its own.

Beach Wedding Ideas

Once the decision has been made to hold your wedding ceremony in the open air, you are instantly confronted with a plethora of choices of location for your nuptials. From a city rooftop to a rainforest retreat, from a farmhouse in the country to your own back yard, the choices are quite literally, endless. But for those lucky enough to live in Sydney, the ideal choice of where to hold their nuptials is often the easiest decision they’ll ever make. Because, blessed as we are in New South Wales with some of the most spectacular coastline in Australia, the choice to have a Beach Wedding is in some ways, as Australian as ‘Throwing another shrimp on the barbie’.


So lovely and did such a beautiful job!! Very proffessional and excellent standard!Melissa
Thank you so much bubbly events, you certainly do go above and beyond for you clients. Friendly but so professional and warm.You made our day delightful.Zena and Aaron
The winery looked amazing and all the guests came to say how stunning everything looked on the day. Thanks again guys for all your help!Natalia and Ryan