Wedding table centerpieces are arguably the most important wedding decoration at your wedding reception, and choosing the right centerpiece is often thought of as the linchpin that holds together your overall design thematic. Nothing bridges your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception quite like a well chosen centerpiece, so it is vitally important to decide early in the wedding planning what centerpieces you wish to employ around the room, as all other decorations flow from this choice.

Wedding Centrepieces Sydney 1
Wedding Centerpieces Sydney 1

Wedding Receptions – Standard Room Layout Explained

Wedding receptions are usually designed around a cabaret style seating arrangement. This is where your guests sit at circular tables that are evenly spaced around the room, and are sequentially numbered on a detailed seating chart.  How many people sit at each table is dependent on factors such as available space, confirmed RSVPs, et al. But anywhere from 6-10 people per table is acceptable.

It’s only once you’ve finalised the seating plan for the wedding reception that you start to appreciate how vitally important a wedding centerpiece actually is. If every guest is sitting at a circular table, then every guest is looking directly at the centerpiece on their table for most of the night. A fact that ensures that it is very easy to get a big thumbs up from your guests, if you get the centerpiece designs right, and very easy to get a big thumbs down if you don’t. If your wedding centerpiece is too plain, for example, the whole table will look ‘cheap’. If your centerpiece is too tall, guests constantly have to crane their head left or right, to talk to the people opposite them, or to see the front of the room. And if your centerpiece is too ‘busy’ or too garish, it becomes a focal point for all the wrong reasons. Like any good wedding decoration, a wedding centerpiece should be part of the overall thematic, and effortlessly blend into the visual pastiche, not overwhelm it.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas and Suggestions

There are an endless amount of ideas available for your wedding centerpiece, and you are really only limited by your imagination. Below are some suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing, so you can work out which design is right for your wedding.

  • Flowers (many types of flowers available, many styles of presentation).
  • Glassware (various styles, shapes and colours)
  • Candelabras (many styles, types, choices available)
  • Candles (in glass, free standing, floating on a gentle bed of water, etc.)
  • Beach Themed (fishbowl, shells, driftwood, coral, starfish, sand etc.)
  • Potpourri in glass containers (beautiful and aromatic).
  • Lanterns (great for setting a mood).
  • Vintage Themed (rustic, feathers, lace, jars, books, raw wood, buttons, pearls, bud vases etc.)
  • Crystal Features (candelabras, votives, candle holders etc.)
  • Plants, shrubs, trees, etc. (Bonsai trees are a lovely touch).
  • Centerpiece Accessories (tea light votives, mirrors, runners, scatters, table numbers etc.)

How to Choose the Right Wedding Centrepiece

As mentioned above, there are many types of wedding centerpieces available, from the classic to the esoteric.  Below are the five things to keep in mind when making your decision.

  1. Beauty.
  2. Elegance.
  3. Height.
  4. Style.
  5. Tone. 

The above list should by no means be viewed as definitive. But chances are that if you keep these five points in mind, the centerpiece you chose will work with the rest of the room.

Matching the Wedding Centerpiece to the Season

In Sydney we are blessed with four very distinct seasons, something which allows the bride and groom to choose a wedding centerpiece that thematically goes with the time of year the wedding is taking place. A spring wedding for example is very different in tone to a wedding held in the dead of winter. The time of year your wedding is taking place is an excellent guide to choosing everything from which flowers to use, to which colour palette works best for the room.