Wishing Wells & Wedding Seating Plans

If you look back to weddings of the past, brides and grooms were showered with lovely and often expensive gifts from guests, which unfortunately was not something they needed or would have chosen themselves.

Nowadays there is a more modern option where the bride and groom request monetary gifts to either help them purchase or renovate their home, furnish or decorate their home with items that they can personally choose or jet away on a luxurious honeymoon. 

Wishing Wells – Sydney

Wishing wells are a perfect place for your family and friends to put their cards, letters and monetary gifts so that they remain safe and altogether throughout the entire reception until you are ready to take them home and immerse yourself in the generosity and the beautiful words that guests have written in your honour.

Wedding Wishing Wells by Bubbly Events
Wedding Wishing Wells by Bubbly Events

Bubbly Events offers a wide range of wishing wells that will compliment any theme. Our collection includes traditional white wishing wells, birdcages, vintage suitcases, treasure boxes, antique treasure chests and everything in between.

All of our wishing wells are available to hire for any occasion – weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers, christenings, fundraisers, charity functions, anniversaries and any other event where it is necessary to collectively store important gift cards.

Choose from our beautiful collection of wishing wells or come to us with ideas of your own, we are more than happy and willing to accommodate your thoughts and ideas to come up with a solution that will suit your perfect day!

Wedding Seating Plans – Sydney

The first thing your guests will do when they walk into your reception is ‘find their seat’. Why not make a great first impression with a personalised seating chart by Bubbly Events.

Unassigned seating sounds great, in theory, as it is one less thing for the bride and groom to organise! However on the day is rarely works out. Guests are either rushing for the good seats, walking around looking lost, couples get split up, the mother of the groom can end up with her back facing the bridal table and more. Therefore we suggest placing one of our creative seating charts at the entrance to avoid all the chaos.

Find Your Seat - Wedding Planning Sydney - Bubbly Events
Find Your Seat – Wedding Planning

Seating charts can be used alone where guests are shown which table they shall be seated at and then they decide where to sit on that table. Alternatively seating charts can be used in conjunction with place cards where guests find their table and then sit at the seat where their place card resides. Either way is practical it is just a personal choice.

At Bubbly Events we have a selection of seating chart options from the timeless and elegant printed seating plan that matches your stationary to a vintage white window pane beautifully hand written. Each of our seating charts are personalised and can be uniquely decorated to suit your wedding theme and personal style.

If you have a particular idea in mind or have you seen something that you would like to replicate then contact Bubbly Events and one of our stylists will design and create a customised seating chart unique to YOU and YOUR special day!